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12:55am 01/04/2013
  Life is fucking BORING.

I wish for an apocalypse, or legalized murder, or SOMETHING.


I hate this purgatory life.

Sleep, eat, shit, piss, work, pay bills.


I hate living SO MUCH.

Anything worth doing is illegal or expensive.

But suicide is cheating.

Fucking flatline of a life, this shit is.

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02:10am 12/01/2013
mood: contemplative
On my way home from work tonight, the highway was, as usual, empty and lined with trees. However as I glanced toward the incoming lane, I saw a brief flash of a red-robed figure hovering about a foot off the pavement.
My first thought went to that of Shabranigdo - for me, red signals the god. I tossed around in my head that I was just seeing things, a trick of the darkness.. then my tattoo started itching.

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Oh those dreams.   
01:19am 10/01/2013
mood: good
I have an image in my head of Hellmaster I can’t shake since I saw it vividly in a dream today. I might have to commission someone, since there’s no way in hell I could pull it off.

He was standing back to, with his arms behind his back, crossed at the wrists. In each hand he was holding a scythe. There was just something about it that I found very powerful.

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Magic Mike   
04:53pm 21/12/2012
mood: lethargic
RN at work insisted I watch Magic Mike, and one of my co-workers joined in on watching it. They kept going on and on about how sexy the men were, and at one point my co-worker went "Man, if this doesn't do something for you, there's something wrong with you."
Well, there's something wrong with me. I didn't find the men's bodies that amazing or sexy. All that ass, gyrating, etc... meh. The few times a sexy woman was onscreen I was watching them instead.

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01:47am 06/11/2012
mood: full
Almost was home in my dreams last night. Almost. I felt his power, his influence, and Xelloss was with me in the dream. It was a different world, not quite Slayers, but it had heavy demonic influences because instead of Christianity being the main religion it was an adoration for demonic entities and gods. The world was darker both literally and metaphorically, but I enjoyed it. Everything was much more corrupt.
I wish I could control my dreams better.
On a different topic, why in the world do spammers enjoy throwing their spam comments on entries from YEARS ago?

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01:35pm 27/09/2012
mood: curious
Y halo thar Transformers I thought your universe had long since stopped making itself known to me.

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tumblr copypasta   
03:43pm 19/09/2012
  I found Rochelle Goyle at Wal-Mart today! There was only Nefera and Jackson besides her for the signature dolls, unfortunately. I haven’t seen Venus or Robecca in person yet.

Anyway! I’m debating opening the box, since it’s damaged anyway. She’s so cute and I’m tempted to look at her closer. I ADORE her socks and shoes, and her little wings and ears. GHEE! Decisions, decisions.. (my collection is MIB aside from second-hand dolls bought loose.)

On another fandom topic, I bought two World of Warcraft trading card packs and one of them is the White Camel mount redeemable at the website. I looked online and they’re selling for like 75-100 dollars. My level 85 main is collecting dust as I lack the time to play the game these days (plus they changed the game AGAIN and I’d need a day to relearn my freaking class GUH) so I’m thinking I might sell..

Anybody REALLY want the mount? I have not scratched the card or anything, so it’s mint.

Finally, my Phibrizzo cel has arrived! After paying customs fees (100 just in that, christ) I possess my absolute favorite scene in the series. It came with tons of production sketches so hopefully some day I’ll scan everything. c: Here’s the beauty:


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02:46am 19/09/2012
mood: mellow
I almost managed to fully pull Lina Inverse into my dreaming consciousness. I saw her briefly, I touched her hair for but a moment.

She's beautiful.

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I'm outta the loop   
02:11am 19/09/2012
mood: lazy
Heard this on the radio twice today and had to find out what the hell song it was.

Mystery solved. Must say I'm surprised to see a Korean song make it to one of my local stations. I guess I'm out of the loop!

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Phibrizzo: front page.    
12:17pm 11/09/2012
mood: satisfied
It's on dA's front page.

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Come Sweet Energy   
04:47pm 10/09/2012
mood: chipper
Almost 100 reblogs, likes, and comments on the commission I had done for you.
I hope you're pleased, Master. The artist knocked herself out doing this.


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02:30am 07/09/2012
mood: energetic
Watch me flail like a headless chicken! Pu-sama is working on my commission and oh MY GAWD.


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Tumblr posts   
11:35am 31/08/2012
mood: calm
Again, my tumblr is updated more often than my LJ. selebis.tumblr.com

I didn’t have the money, and I bought GR Draculaura and DDG Lagoona anyway. AND a brushable Pinkie Pie, the last of the mane six I needed. They still don’t have Lyra or Trixie though.

There was a little girl begging her grandfather for DDG Spectra. “She’s rare!” Grandpa said she’s too expensive. The whole time I’m thinking “That’s what I should be saying to myself about these dolls” but I bought them anyway. D:

I went to Wal-Mart for a new pair of sneakers. I left spending $116, leaving me $340 in the hole.

I have no restraint, holy lord. If that’s not enough I just PM’ed someone on monsterhighdolls who is selling a loose complete first issue Abbey. I’ll be living in a box on the street but by lord I’ll have a bunch of dolls to keep me company.

I almost bought Jackson but I don’t really want him. I would buy him for a possible trade since people seem to want him. 1600 Clawd is still warming the shelf there too, it’s been a couple months.

MH stock there today: Two GR Draculaura, two GR Clawdeen, one GR Cleo, two Roller Maze Frankie, one Roller Maze Operetta, one DDG Spectra, one DDG Operetta, one 1600 Clawd, one SS Ghoulia, two Coffin Bean sets, three Lala cars, two Cleo vanities, one Lala bathroom thing, one Ghoulia scooter, one Jackson Jekyll, two basic second release Abbeys, and one Nefera. Let’s see what’s there next week (or not there.) I wish Robecca, Venus and Rochelle would show up.

30 Day Monster High Challenge

1. Your favorite MH character?

Toralei Stripe.

Quite possibly a very unpopular character, but she’s my favourite. I have a soft spot for “mean” girls. She’s beautiful, sexy, intelligent and conniving. I love it. She has two pretty henchgirls and I would love to be the third. I have a huge crush on this feline. She’d definitely be the one wearing the pants in a relationship. My biggest fear is that they’ll give her a love interest, because my headcanon is that she’s a lesbian and Mattel would never make that official.

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Weird dream   
04:40pm 11/08/2012
mood: mellow
Well I had a strange dream.. if I sit and think about it, it seems to be deeply psychological.
I was in a bedroom, which used to belong to a young female. There were lots of stuffed animals in the corner, and extensive water damage on the wall. The whole room smelled moldy. It was an abandoned house and everything in it was left behind.. there was a bed, a table in the corner, the girl's journal (she was very depressed from what the entries seemed to indicate).. there was a slightly creepy vibe. I had a garbage bag and was stuffing some of this girl's things into it. They were wet, and stank of mold. I got some dampness on my leg from touching it. Some of the plush toys were actually mine, I brought them with me for some reason? The previous occupant had some plushies just like mine, only more damaged, faded and stinking. A couple times I mixed up hers with my own.
Finally as I went to leave, I opened the door and was met with a solid wall.. it was like a Silent Hill game.. the barrier wasn't there before and was made of fabric/wood/garbage. I was trapped in the room, and I grabbed a metal pole to break my way through. Suddenly everything changed again and the barrier wall wasn't there.. I could see my way out but it looked a lot more dark and twisted.
I wonder what it all means, but it certainly felt like I was in a dark recess of my mind.

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Am I there yet?    
12:55am 03/08/2012
mood: okay
*sigh* A different universe again in my dreams last night. Another fruitless attempt in said universe to get home or contact him. Funny enough, the whole time in my dream I had this undying desire to head to the desert in that world, to find a desert area and live there. I was dressed in black robes with a bright maroon color lining the inside, and I remember staring at this huge map on the wall trying to find my way.
The universe was close, it was medieval and had magic users.. but it wasn't quite home.
On another topic, I have this mixed anime music cd in my car, and the 11th track is the OP for Slayers Next. It is also the only song on the entire cd that skips. This cd has over 20 tracks on it. Crazy coincidence?
I was at Wal-mart a few weeks ago browsing for new MLP shit, and spotted a really cool doll from the Monster High line. I don't even buy dolls but thought she looked AMAZING. When I got home I researched her, and thought I'd pick her up next time I was there. Nope, gone. Then for whatever crazy reason, I looked up the merchandise. Then I started watching the webisodes. Then I realized what happened and thought "well shit, here's a new stupid fad I got obsessed with." Christ sake, I missed the train by two years, but regardless, I plan on buying my first MH doll tomorrow. ~_~

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02:04am 24/07/2012
mood: uncomfortable
I woke up screaming in fear today, because Sherra found me in my dreams.
I was hiding in a corner in the dream, and she was looking at me, sensing something. I couldn't move and I felt intense fear. I remember stammering out that I was nobody of interest. She smirked and thought otherwise. She bent over me and lunged at my soul. She actually bit into my chest. Whether she used her "teeth" or just her essence/power to rip me open I can't say, because I woke up wide-eyed and crying out, heart pounding. The last thing I saw before waking was her diving at me.

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Dear Fate   
07:08pm 06/07/2012
mood: hopeful
Dear Fate, Cosmos, the All-Powerful Being of the Universe, et al,

Make this happen and I'll never ask you for anything ever again.

(Bow to your master)

05:51pm 28/06/2012
mood: lazy
Not much to talk about lately, though I post quite often on my tumblr. Just fan stuff, of course. I don't blog about life or anything there. If you're curious and wish to see more Hellmaster love, check out selebis.tumblr.com.

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In the dark of the night   
06:05pm 18/06/2012
mood: sleepy
Come, my minions, rise for your master, let your evil shine!

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08:04pm 10/06/2012
mood: energetic
I found the kanji for Phibrizzo and entered it into google images.


Know what? Know what? Know what else?
We just don't listen.
If we actually tried to really listen..
..we'd realize we were never alone.

All along, we thought we were the ones screaming in vain, but it was them. They were inches from our ears, crying for us to listen, and we were deaf. We lamented our lot in life, our fate, we bemoan and complain and say the barrier is too strong.
We were the barrier. We created the barrier. We're afraid. Our humanity clings to what is familiar and safe and known.

But what is your humanity? Mine holds me back. It is weak, yet strong at the same time. I underestimate it. I blame things on it. But the only one who can truly chip away at it is myself.
It's time to stop being negligent. It's time to start to focus.
Damn the naysayers, the ryuzoku, the shinzoku, fate, the powers that be, the balance of the universe. I'm going home.

Where I belong, Master. With you.

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