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Am I there yet?

*sigh* A different universe again in my dreams last night. Another fruitless attempt in said universe to get home or contact him. Funny enough, the whole time in my dream I had this undying desire to head to the desert in that world, to find a desert area and live there. I was dressed in black robes with a bright maroon color lining the inside, and I remember staring at this huge map on the wall trying to find my way.
The universe was close, it was medieval and had magic users.. but it wasn't quite home.
On another topic, I have this mixed anime music cd in my car, and the 11th track is the OP for Slayers Next. It is also the only song on the entire cd that skips. This cd has over 20 tracks on it. Crazy coincidence?
I was at Wal-mart a few weeks ago browsing for new MLP shit, and spotted a really cool doll from the Monster High line. I don't even buy dolls but thought she looked AMAZING. When I got home I researched her, and thought I'd pick her up next time I was there. Nope, gone. Then for whatever crazy reason, I looked up the merchandise. Then I started watching the webisodes. Then I realized what happened and thought "well shit, here's a new stupid fad I got obsessed with." Christ sake, I missed the train by two years, but regardless, I plan on buying my first MH doll tomorrow. ~_~
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Since I too~, am seeking home, I think I need to give a heads up about (???) an effect I am currently experiencing. After experiencing worlds wihich have magic energy of SURVIVABLE levels, I'm experiencing immune system responses at 'bad' 'worlds' ('like' 'the' 'obama' 'dimension'). It seems there is a point.........of ......."no 'turning' 'back' ".........relating to dimension travel events. I feel disoriented....and a steady-state manner now~....., because I have adjusted to worlds with ONLY better magic levels. I guess I'm experiencing an effect of prolonged......travels....and prolonged....... *winces* ....slingshot-like returns........ .