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Weird dream

Well I had a strange dream.. if I sit and think about it, it seems to be deeply psychological.
I was in a bedroom, which used to belong to a young female. There were lots of stuffed animals in the corner, and extensive water damage on the wall. The whole room smelled moldy. It was an abandoned house and everything in it was left behind.. there was a bed, a table in the corner, the girl's journal (she was very depressed from what the entries seemed to indicate).. there was a slightly creepy vibe. I had a garbage bag and was stuffing some of this girl's things into it. They were wet, and stank of mold. I got some dampness on my leg from touching it. Some of the plush toys were actually mine, I brought them with me for some reason? The previous occupant had some plushies just like mine, only more damaged, faded and stinking. A couple times I mixed up hers with my own.
Finally as I went to leave, I opened the door and was met with a solid wall.. it was like a Silent Hill game.. the barrier wasn't there before and was made of fabric/wood/garbage. I was trapped in the room, and I grabbed a metal pole to break my way through. Suddenly everything changed again and the barrier wall wasn't there.. I could see my way out but it looked a lot more dark and twisted.
I wonder what it all means, but it certainly felt like I was in a dark recess of my mind.
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