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Again, my tumblr is updated more often than my LJ.

I didn’t have the money, and I bought GR Draculaura and DDG Lagoona anyway. AND a brushable Pinkie Pie, the last of the mane six I needed. They still don’t have Lyra or Trixie though.

There was a little girl begging her grandfather for DDG Spectra. “She’s rare!” Grandpa said she’s too expensive. The whole time I’m thinking “That’s what I should be saying to myself about these dolls” but I bought them anyway. D:

I went to Wal-Mart for a new pair of sneakers. I left spending $116, leaving me $340 in the hole.

I have no restraint, holy lord. If that’s not enough I just PM’ed someone on monsterhighdolls who is selling a loose complete first issue Abbey. I’ll be living in a box on the street but by lord I’ll have a bunch of dolls to keep me company.

I almost bought Jackson but I don’t really want him. I would buy him for a possible trade since people seem to want him. 1600 Clawd is still warming the shelf there too, it’s been a couple months.

MH stock there today: Two GR Draculaura, two GR Clawdeen, one GR Cleo, two Roller Maze Frankie, one Roller Maze Operetta, one DDG Spectra, one DDG Operetta, one 1600 Clawd, one SS Ghoulia, two Coffin Bean sets, three Lala cars, two Cleo vanities, one Lala bathroom thing, one Ghoulia scooter, one Jackson Jekyll, two basic second release Abbeys, and one Nefera. Let’s see what’s there next week (or not there.) I wish Robecca, Venus and Rochelle would show up.

30 Day Monster High Challenge

1. Your favorite MH character?

Toralei Stripe.

Quite possibly a very unpopular character, but she’s my favourite. I have a soft spot for “mean” girls. She’s beautiful, sexy, intelligent and conniving. I love it. She has two pretty henchgirls and I would love to be the third. I have a huge crush on this feline. She’d definitely be the one wearing the pants in a relationship. My biggest fear is that they’ll give her a love interest, because my headcanon is that she’s a lesbian and Mattel would never make that official.
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